What is
NFC technology ?

NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology that allows the transfer
of data between two NFC-enabled devices. NFC cards,for example,
contain microchips small and small antennas which can store a small amount of information.
to be transferred to another NFC device, such as a smartphone


You can use nfc card in
all IOS devices


You can use nfc card in
all Android devices

How does NFC work?

Each card has a chip embedded inside which is programmed with your data.


All you need is a digicard


Bring it closer to your smartphone
distance less than 5 cm
or scan the QR code


On your phone
will appear on your online profile

Why should we use NFC?

No App

Exchange contacts without
install a specific program.


It works for
all smartphones.

Direct contact

Maintain direct contact
on the smartphone.

Qr codes

Scan code for phones
that do not have the NFC protocol.

Unlimited distribution

Your business cards
they never end.


You can update your
contacts as often as you need.


Against water and washing.

No normal business cards

Takes the stress out of
carrying around lots of normal business cards.


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